In 1990 Fluid Manufacturing was asked to design a system that would convert "free" showers for California State Parks and Recreation facilities to "pay" showers. The primary requirement was that the system must be "trouble free". The system was to have non-jamming coin acceptors; able to accept coins or tokens; and change price and operating time per coin easily. It was to have exact accountability of money, be secure and also easy to install. Using these requirements, Fluid Manufacturing developed its System III, an electronic coin operated system and received the contract to install and operate 78 showers in the State of California Lake Tahoe Recreation Area.

Operating this concession, which consists of six parks with 726 campsites, has given Fluid Manufacturing firsthand experience in operating pay showers. By the time we had three complete seasons behind us (the parks are closed from October through May) we had generated an income stream of over $100,000.00. Based on 50 cents for a 5 minute shower, this equals more than 200,000 showers, 16,667 hours of use, or 214 hours per shower. All of this was generated by more than 400,000 cycles of coins through the coin acceptors. Of the total number of cycles, 1,200 were used for testing purposes in checking the system for opening and closing of the season, and all checks of complaints by park patrons. 1,200 is less than 3/10 of 1 percent of the total 400,000 plus coin cycles. The system speaks for itself.

While marketing our system we found that private parks were not interested in some of the accounting features that the State and Federal parks needed. Consequently we developed our Systems I and II. The significant difference between systems is the number of accounting controls offered.

Today, Fluid Manufacturing systems are installed in hundreds of county, state, federal, and private parks across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.

Fluid Manufacturing was purchased by Sunridge Electric Construction, Inc., a privately owned company, on August 1, 2002, and this brought about many great changes in our systems. Not only did we get our ETL® listing, we improved productivity and shortened shipping times. Our quality control is done by the owners personally. We have the honor and the privilege of working with the previous owner and his staff to better ourselves daily.

Our electrical background gives us the capabilities of designing and building almost any type of coin operated system to fit your needs. Give us a call to adapt a system for you. We can retro-fit most existing systems.

Special systems may include coin or token operated:

  • Shower Systems Racquet Ball Court Lighting
  • Rest Rooms Heaters
  • Ice Rink Heaters Air Conditioning Units
  • Public Spas Solar Showers
  • Tennis Court Lighting Car Wash Controls

We will continue to serve Fluid Manufacturing's past, present, and future customers with the best possible service. We have extended all of our equipment warranties to two (2) years.




Cary F. Parafin