COIN MA-800 Multi Coin Acceptor

IDX Multi Coin Acceptor
Accepts 6 different coins
Models MA800 & MA812
6 or 12 COINS THE SMART MULTI-COIN AND TOKEN ACCEPIDX Hawk Xeptors will accept a mixture of different coins and/or tokens- MA800, 6 coins & MA812, 12 coins. The multi-national capability of the MA800 & MA812 Xeptors makes them the ideal Xeptor for the OEM’s. The Hawk multi-coin Xeptors do not require a separate handheld programmer to program new coins or change the number of coin pulses per coin. Coin pulses are released through a shielded relay to offer the OEM an easier interface for multiple voltage requirements. This smart thinking Xeptor continues up date its memory on each coin as the Xeptor ages.
Digging coin jams out is a thing of the past. The built in coin release opens the chute to drop through bent and mutilated coins. Coin jams are also caused where bent faceplates miss aliment of the Xeptors faceplate to meter doors. This has been eliminated with the introduction of a new all stainless steel snap in faceplate model MA19 which relieves the strain from bent doors.

• Standard Preprogramed with U.S. Quarter and U.S. Dollar coins can be field changed.
• Standard 4 wire hookup – Power wires –Yellow 24VAC Hot / Black 24VAC Common – Coin wires (2) Red Green.
• Power sources 24 VAC/VDC standard optional voltages – 12VDC or 48VDC
• Distinguishes and accepts any of up to (6) six MA800 or (12) twelve MA812 different coins or tokens of different sizes and/or electronic signatures.
• Standard 2” faceplate footprint 2” wide x 7.75” high x 3.8” deep.
• Snap in Stainless Steel faceplate MA19 standard.
• Optional old style 2” faceplate model # MA20
• Diameter range examples: 0.832"- 1.126” Standard and other ranges available.
• Thickness range settings: 0.059 to 0.085” Standard and other ranges available.
• Slide on water resistant access covers.
• Built-in "Credit Test" push button.
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Manufacturer: IDX


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