AD 15000 High Security Air and Water Station

15000 High Security Air & Water Machine
Available Model #15002 Air Machine only
Available Option in Wireless Remote
8712ID-T1 Transmitter/ 8712ID-R2 Receiver
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Sales price: $3,295.00
Sales price without tax: $3,295.00
Manufacturer: JE ADAMS

This unit comes standard with the following features (unless noted) and identifies replacement products: 

  • Requires 20 AMP service
  • Interior base frame has extra reinforcement which provides extreme anchoring stability
  • Cabinet service door is secured with 2 American series 2000 locks (Replacement Item #8920-1)
  • For added security, the stainless steel cabinet dome cannot be removed without first opening the service door and releasing the dome retaining rods
  • Easy-coil, adjustable speed retractable hose reel with cut resistent 25' x 1/4" wire braid service station quality air hose (Replacement Item #8532-25) with 90 PSI inline air gauge (Replacement Item #8533-8) 
  • 25' water hose (Replacement Item #8532-25) with water spout (Replacement Item #8647)
  • GAST 3/4 HP air compressor provides years of dependable service with an 18 month warranty (Replacement Item #9862)
  • Indicator light shows when unit has power
  • ADA height compliant
  • Metal coin drop mechanism takes U.S. Quarters (Replacement Item #8144A)
  • Coin box holds 1600 quarters or $400.00 (Replacement Item #8773-3)
  • SSAC 110 Volt accumulating timer (Replacement Item #8712SS5)
  • Non-resettable coin counter (Replacement Item #8641-3)
  • Optional: “Free Service” wireless push button remote control allows customers to receive free use for the normal cycle time. The optional “Free Service” can be activated by the attendant or the cashier with the push of a button for customer convenience.


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