AD 29070 Ultra Series Turbo Vac with Fragrance, Shampoo, Spot Remover and Air

Ultra Series-Turbo Vac, Shampoo & Spot Remover, Fragrance & Air Machine, Includes lighted dome, bill and coin acceptor
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Sales price: $7,250.00
Sales price without tax: $7,250.00
Manufacturer: JE ADAMS
Ultra Series Turbo Vac with Fragrance, Shampoo, Spot Remover AND Air!
  • (3) 1.6 HP, 120 volt motors (Replacement Item #8055EM); Requires 30 AMP service
  • GAST 3/4 HP air compressor, 18-month warranty (Replacement Item #9862)
  • Large Dixmor digital display timer is highly visible and easy to read, scrolls messages,calculates time between functions, recalculates remaining time when switched during any function, and has a built-in coin counter (Replacement Item #8000-15)
  • Visual and audible last coin alarm
  • Mars bill acceptor takes $1.00 and $5.00 bills (Replacement Item #8130-6)
  • Coin box holds 800 quarters or $200.00 (Replacement Item #29000-52W-2 for unit with Plug Locks or Replacement Item #29000-52W for unit with Screw Locks)
  • Imonex electronic coin acceptor takes U.S. $1.00 coins, U.S. quarters, 1.073 and 0.984 tokens (Replacement Item #8149-92)
  • Dispenses 3/4 oz. of fragrance in 30 seconds which is equal to 1.5 oz of formula perminute. 1 gallon yields 85 minutes of vend time
  • Shampoo & Spot Remover dispenses 2.5 gallons of foam per minute, which is equal to 1 oz of liquid formula. 1 gallon of liquid formula = 128 oz and the dispensing rate is 1 oz per minute. One gallon of liquid formula yields 128 minutes of vend time


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