FM Push Button Shower Control System

Push Button 24v Shower Control System.
Using a non-accumulating timer. One pulse (push) starts a dip switch setting timer while running the set time or cycle. It can be used to operate showers, hose bibbs anything you want a timed shut off.
By replacing the solenoid with a relay it can operate anything electrical you don't want left running,(hot tubs,fans, lights, etc.)
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Reduced water consumption/waste Conserves hot water for you next guest Easy to Install Easy to operate Expedites shower usage Everything you need to start saving money today. The Highest Quality System Contains Water resistant metal push button enclosure mated with an Industrial Push Button, has a quality finish for customer appeal. Easy to set 24 volt Timer with dip switch controls. A Commercial 24 volt normally closed 1/2" brass solenoid. Wall mounted power supply 120v AC primary and a 24v secondary, 50va, 2 amp auto reset overload protection. LED Power Identification. Terminal connection for secondary connection, Grounding plug and terminal. Safe 24 volt system


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