AC Brass Tokens for Showers / Car Wash / Laundry / Amusement

Custom or Generic Tokens .984" 230 alloy
5000pc Bucket $0.20 EA
1000pc Bag Starburst Generic Tokens $0.25ea
100pc bag Starburst Generic Tokens $0.27ea
Custom tokens available. Die Charges not included for Custom Tokens
Multiple sizes and metal content available for higher security. Custom designs using your own logo add $200.00 for die charge Sizes available from .800"-1.0512"
Rating: Not Rated Yet
Manufacturer: HOFFMAN MINT


 Custom Tokens. Call today for more information and pricing! 1(800) 443-5843

1 SECURITY Nobody will break into your business or coin operated machines to steal tokens.
You can keep your quarters in the bank where they belong instead of the coin boxes.
2 CASH CONTROL Less supervision of your staff is required.
3 PRICE FLEXABILITY You can easily change the number of tokens sold per dollar to immediately
take advantage of any marketing or promotional ideas.
4 IMMEDIATE SALE   When you sell tokens, you have made a sale. The token does not need to be used immediately.
If it is not used, you still make a profit. These "walk away" tokens encourage repeat business.
5 INCREASED SALES   Customers will spend tokens more freely than quarters because tokens are viewed as non-money.
6 PROMOTIONS There are literally hundreds of promotional ideas by which tokens can increase your sales and profits.
For example, one idea is to offer a discounted price for tokens on certain days to bring in additional
business. Another idea is to give away one token when a particular item is purchased.
7 SOUVENIERS Customers will want to buy tokens and keep them as souvenirs.
8 BUSINESS CARDS Your custom tokens will serve a a business card with one major exeption- no one ever throws
away a metal token.


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