Pros and Cons of the Pay Shower systems at New Hogan Lake

Our primary thoughts to installing the pay showers in our recreation areas were to:

  • Reduce the amount of water use
  • To cutback or eliminate the long lines at our recreation areas comfort station showers units by shortening the time durations in the showers
  • To reduce the amount of Effluent Waste Water in our Oxidation Ponds
  • To shorten the amount of Waste Water Pumping time at our pump stations
  • To reduce the amount of plumbing hardware / maintenance requirement at each comfort station

The results of our installation have been good, with only a few issues and it's my
opinion that the total project is a win-win situation. The amount of water usage has been cut in-half meaning that our domestic water system is now operating for only half the amounted time, and with less operational and maintenance cost. Also the longlines at the comfort stations have reduced themselves by 90% and it's only on a busy Holidays weekend that our system is pressured, but still operational.


  • The coin operational shower installation has reduced our recreation area water usage by half
  • Reduced the sewage lift station operational pumping hours by half which has saved the pumps life spans by 50%
  • Reduced the amount of eflluent waste water at the oxidation ponds by half
  • Reduce the electrical operational cost on the comfort station boilers (hot water heater). domestic well sites, lift station pumps. booster station pumps.
  • Cut back on the Operation & Maintenance time and cost for plumbing repairs on our showers units by 35%


  • Coin collection time and accountabilities has increased
  • Vandalism repair cost over the life time of our system may be an issue. it hasn't been at this point, but may be in the future.
  • Start up notification to the general public on why we have initiated the system and that we're not trying to take more money from the taxpayer pockets.