Resource-saving Metered Shower Systems have been proven to be the fastest and most cost-effective way to reduce water and energy use and reduce wastewater production in institutional shower facilities.



In 1990 The State of California installed a Fluid Manufacturing coin operated control system at Big Sur, State Park. It saved One million gallons of water and 4500 gallons of propane, and paid for it self all within the first season of use. (It is still in use today)
Facts received from US Army Corp of Engineers at a California campground. The Fluid Manufacturing Coin operated control systems installed, reduced sewage lift station operational pumping hours and pumps life span by 50%; Costs for rebuilding these pumps are $5,000.00 each. It reduced the amount of waste water at the oxidation ponds, by half .Reduce the electrical operational costs on the comfort station boilers (hot water heater), domestic well sites, lift station pumps, booster station pumps all in half. Cut back on operation maintenance time and costs for plumbing repairs by 35% (Note) Pay back for this system was acquired within the first year and has been in operation for the past twelve.

A private campground owner in Wyoming added: In 1994 we installed 5 Fluid Manufacturing coin operated showers at our RV Park in Wyoming. Since that time those 5 units have performed extremely well. Looking at the counters installed with the units. I can affirm that they have delivered over 90,000 showers to our guests. That provides over $45,000 in income to offset the cost of providing this convenience to our guests. I cannot guess at the amount of water and natural gas saved by having coin operated timers in the showers. These units put a stop to excessive water usage as well as preserving hot water for the next guest.

Most campers surveyed have been completely supportive of the program. It is a common misconception of shower facility operators prior to installation of a metered shower system is that the public may react negatively. Twenty one years experience with metered shower systems had shown that the public is willing to limit their shower time and even pay a nominal fee for a shower in exchange for shorter wait lines, plentiful hot water, cleaner facilities and to help conserve resources.

It puts a stop to excessive water usage and waste as well as preserving hot water for the next guest. Time your next camper taking a shower. Would it be a 15-20 minute shower? Without any controls on it, probably pretty close. If it had a control system in place, let's say $1.00 for 5 minutes. I would bet that same person would make it out in that 5 minute time frame. By adding additional coins it will increase time in shower. Let's not forget how many times you have run up on a shower that's running with no one in it. With a coin operated shower control system in place the solenoid will cut off the water source after the time on the timers has run out.

By limiting the amount of time per shower, existing shower facilities can accommodate a larger number of patrons. This allows Park owners to reduce costs further by decreasing the size of number of shower facilities needed. Income from the coin–operated shower control system can be used to further offset water and energy costs or to make additional improvements to the shower facilities.


Why the Better Choice is a Fluid Manufacturing Coin Operated Electronic Control Systems


Quality workmanship and materials make a system that is durable and long lasting. The custom made and Exceptional Value Electronic systems will allow the following:


  • Built like none other, will take abuse and keep working. Coin acceptors can be fully submerged in water and it will continue to work and accept coins or tokens. Housed in a incredibly strong high security 12 gauge stainless steel case coin boxes withstands public abuses year after year, they are 33% stronger and 68% harder than conventional steel with anti rust properties. (four choices available).
  • Safety E.T.L certified-approved and compliant to U.L, CSA standards. 5 amp fuses and GFCI safety devices on every system.
  • Our systems are built with individual components to eliminate total system shut down if there is a problem
  • Our systems have won the approval and the criteria of State and Federal Parks. Installed in almost all of the 50 states for municipal, state, county, federal and private parks, in the United States and Canada.
  • System is low voltage 24vac, insuring complete safety for the bather.
  • Ease of installation. Color coded wiring for easy color to color field connections. Instructions included and free tech support available.
  • Ease of use. Dip switch control timers can be adjusted to accept 1-31 quarters or tokens and change length of time within seconds. No need to change or purchase any hardware; no tools just flip a switch.
  • Customer friendly: Starts immediately after last coin is inserted nothing to pull or push. Decal on front of coin box. Bad coins or slugs will be rejected.
  • Unsurpassed Reliability 24-MONTH WARRANTY on all components, the longest in the industry.
  • We custom build our control boxes to fit the operators individual needs. Four systems are available based on customers need for accountability and use. Adaptability allows us to retro-fit most existing systems.